A downloadable Infinite Drive for Windows

There are moments you wish would never end.

If you travel at 1000mph due west you can stay in a perpetual Sunset, locked in celestial unison.  In this game you chase the sun as a solar courier - on the run against the clock and unknown forces.  As long as you can charge your vehicle's battery, you can cheat time and death.  You travel from megacities to vast majestic expanses, none two alike, in search of, and running from, the future.


Shift Up/Down
Change Lanes

This game demo is the result of two developers work: 

  • Tom Schultz - design/engineering
  • Wyatt Glenn - art/concept

This project was an opportunity for us to learn Unity and pipelines for procedural content.  There are many systems/features we would like to add but to start we wanted to make a thing to put out in the world.  Future development is uncertain, but overall this was a great learning experience. Sunset Chaser has not been optimized.

Tom + Wyatt


SunsetChaser-v0.1.zip 184 MB

Development log


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Unfortuately I couldn't get the car moving! I could change lanes using A and D, but pressing W and S did not do anything (pressing W made the gear hand move once). I'm in windows.

Hmm. Were you holding them down? Each *press* of W will increase the speed of the car. If you press it five times and start looking around, does the car begin to accelerate? 

(1 edit)

hmm. It's very inconsistant for me. Pressing W once will move the right hand, every W press after will not do anything. Spamming W doesn't do anything. Pressing S enough times will move the right hand again. From spamming W and pressing S every so often, I made the car move, but only by 10km/h visually.

EDIT: I found the issue. For me, the car only speeds up when the application is not in focus. I went to take a screenshot, which put the game out of focus, then the car sped up. Very weird. Not sure if this is a common issue??

Hey awesome, thank you for taking the time to track this down. I'll see what I can do to reproduce this on another computer, I haven't seen this at all on mine.

Windows 10? 11?