Sunset Chaser: locked in perpetual sunset as a solar courier

Hey y'all!

New prototype out. I worked on this one with Wyatt Glenn, an awesome artist and the genesis of this tone poem. We worked on this earlier in the year. For now it's on the shelf, but  we may revisit it someday. Give it a whirl! Note - it's unoptimized, so it may have some trouble on older machines.


There are moments you wish would never end.

If you travel at 1000mph due west you can stay in a perpetual Sunset, locked in celestial unison.  In this game you chase the sun as a solar courier - on the run against the clock and unknown forces.  As long as you can charge your vehicle's battery, you can cheat time and death.  You travel from megacities to vast majestic expanses, none two alike, in search of, and running from, the future.

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Aug 26, 2023

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