LizBiz has Launched! Find now in an idyllic forest near you!

LizBiz has been released! I hope you enjoy this very silly little adventure with chill tunes, eye-rolling jokes, and the occasional grim undertone.

This the first game that I've ever launched, and while I don't see it winning any awards I'm proud of myself for putting in the work to finish a project, spend some cycles on polish and quality, and then finally put it out there!

Thanks to all of the folks who supported me through this - friends, family, my partner, and the awesome Boston gamedev community. Big shoutout to Jeremy TeGrotenhuis for bringing a lot of energy and excitement on the writing, and for all of his support through the years. Shameless plug for him, go check out his epic fantasy series, Pact and Pattern!

Finally, keep an ear to ground for Sunset Chaser, a collab with Wyatt Glenn, and my (unannounced) next project. I will also be doing at least one more devlog on LizBiz to talk about the development process.

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