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Have a dungeon in need of defense from those PESKY ADVENTURERS?!

Come to Lair Inc for all of your dungeon minion needs! Our minions will defend your dungeon, die for your greed, and keep your traps well-supplied with artisanal, hand crafted trap components!


MoveWASDLeft stick
InteractEA (south button)
SprintLeft Shift
B (east button)

This is a prototype I did for an online multiplayer plate spinner a la Overcooked. It's built in Unity with Netcode for GameObjects.

To play, start the game. If you're playing by yourself, select host mode. Friends can join by running in client mode and joining with your IP address. Note - you'll have to forward ports on your router unless the other clients are on your local network.

Take some time to familiarize yourself with crafting before starting:

  • The smelter produces a crucible of molten iron with coal, ore, and a crucible. Note that once the crucible is placed the smelter will start cooking, so place it last!
  • Take the molten crucible to the bar mold, use it, then place your now empty crucible on a table or back on the smelter
  • When the bar cools (turns from orange to gray), take it to the anvil and place it. Hold A to forge it into a spike, our end product
  • If you mess up the smelting recipe it will produce trash, AKA a red block. Throw it away in the trash bin
  • Don't throw your crucible away by accident!

When you've got that down, start the game by hitting the "Start Raid" button. Keep traps supplied with spikes. You'll hear them break and run out and will notice that they've changed their visuals and stopped firing. Run over with a spike and use it on the broken trap to reset it. Keep the traps running 24/7 to survive until the three minute mark!


lair-inc_v0.3.0.zip 52 MB

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Funny game but very unpolished (no main menu, no visible enemies and stuff). Waves do not get harder. Played like 15 rounds with a friend and easily clapped it. Game has potential though as it was still funny but just too easy

Hey, glad you had fun with it! I might revisit Lair Inc later this year!

Great to hear. This definitely has potential in my eyes.